Abbildung Checkbox des Moduls zur Rücknahme von Altgeräten

Offer to take back old appliances

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When your customer buys an electrical appliance from you, they should also have the option of returning their old appliance to you.

Actually, all you need to do for this is a small note so that you remember to have the old appliance collected (or sent to you).

So we put a checkbox in the checkout process that the customer can tick with the text:

If you buy a new electrical appliance, you have the option of returning your old appliance free of charge on delivery. Check this box if you wish to do so:
Yes, I am buying a new electrical appliance here and would like to return my old electrical appliance free of charge on delivery of the new appliance

If the customer ticks this box, we will display a notice in the admin in the order. If you wish (please let us know in advance), also in the order confirmation email.

However, we do not check whether an electrical appliance is in the shopping basket, so don't worry - you don't have to go on a rampage through the shop and tick all your electrical appliances. We simply always show the query.