Web hosting for online shops

Web hosting for online shops - what role does it play? The basis for the success of every online shop is a stable and fast server. Only then is your shop always and everywhere available for your customers. This is the only way to give your customers the possibility of a real shopping experience. If, for example, the page takes too long to load or not all elements are loaded properly, customers will be frustrated and, in the worst case, will abandon the purchase. The longer the loading time of an online shop, the more visitors bounce. Speed also plays a role in Google's evaluation and thus in your ranking in the search results. Search engines prefer fast websites to slow ones.

Prices for web hosting

Avoid these disadvantages and forget about cheap hosters! We are specialised in e-commerce shops and databases and know what we are doing. In fact, one of the main factors for loading speed is the performance of your server. The focus of every shop owner should therefore be on a good provider, even if it is not the cheapest.

If you have to decide on a hosting package for budget reasons, make sure that as few customers as possible share a common server. If you can decide on your own server, check whether the hardware meets the requirements of the shop system. This is a question of your shop software (such as Magento, Shopware, modified eCommerce) - we will be happy to advise you individually on this!

Data protection

More and more hosters are moving abroad - this is not only legally dangerous, but also in terms of data protection.
We are therefore very proud that our servers are located exclusively in Nuremberg, Falkenstein and Berlin.

Our web hosting offers

We usually take care of the move to us completely free of charge for you - including domain, database, shop and e-mails. Here you can see the offers that are booked most frequently.

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Our team has been providing an all-round service for your online shop or mail order business since 2008. Our services range from webshop programming, design solutions and marketing to shop support and administration. We create shops based on Modified Ecommerce or Shopware exactly according to your ideas, programme, build interfaces, take over your Google Ads marketing, offer you competent advice and much more.


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