Search engine optimization technical implementation

Do you also offer search engine optimisation ?

Yes, but!
We create analyses of what potential for improvement we have found on your site, and we write down the basics of search engine optimisation for you. As a rule, you then commission an SEO agency to implement this.
You can also commission us with the implementation, but we give no guarantee of success. In principle, you should have understood beforehand that SEO is an ongoing process that only becomes noticeable after months.

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint!

Do you take care of the technical part?

Yes. Here we work together with your SEO service provider without any problems: He tells us by e-mail what needs to be reprogrammed in the shop and we write you an offer for it or just get started, as you like.
In the course of time, our work has also resulted in some SEO modules which were ordered by customers at the time.

What else could I do to get ahead in Google?

Here you can find more information about Google's offers.
And here is another SEO basics document from Google itself.

How can I see if I am successful with my search engine optimisation?

It is important to know that objective search results have not been available by default for some time.
Everything you see on Google has been prepared for you personally. If you want to see objective search results, you have to follow these instructions.

A second important thing: please forget everything you have heard and read about backlinks and SEO texts. You can't trick Google anymore, you can only convince it. There are no tricks - there is only an optimal match of search term - offer - price - purchase process.
So, write great texts and convince your audience that you are the person on the entire internet who knows the most about this product.