Store support questions and answers

Why should I have my shop looked after at all? Couldn't I learn to programme and design it myself?

Probably for the same reasons you go out to eat every now and then instead of always cooking everything yourself (or why we have a tax advisor instead of yourself.... well you get the idea).

Do I have to order from the shop here?

No. To be honest, very few people do. The normal way, and the way we want it, is to contact us by e-mail or phone, followed by an e-mail confirmation.

Most people leave us their FTP data here:
and then send us the displayed link and their programming wishes by e-mail.

How do I use this shop?

There are basically 2 ways to handle this shop:

1. you already know what kind of script you need.

Enter it in the search or click through our alphabetically sorted lists, put the "module" in the shopping cart, buy it and enter your FTP data afterwards at

If you have ordered a script by phone or e-mail, you can send us the FTP data directly via

- If you have not found the script, contact us, maybe we just haven't put it online yet.


For example, you want to open a shop and don't know what you need.

- Contact Contact us and make an appointment for a free consultation. We will analyse your situation and make you an offer.
Since we adhere to the principles of the honourable Hamburg merchant we will not "push" things on you that you do not need.