What does an online store cost?

Creating an internet shop can be compared to building a house or a shop.
There is a plot of land, a location, a foundation, a floor plan, there are pipes and there is a façade. There is the possibility of doing it yourself, there are craftsmen and also things that should really only be done by professionals. And finally, furniture: your products.

The domain: Rather short and concise.

The location of your future "shop property" is the domain and the hoster. The domain can be short or long, known or unknown, the hoster can be slow or fast. Just as your shop could be located in the side street of a village or on Hamburg's Jungfernstieg, your shop can also be in a well-known or unknown location.
So you need a domain that is as short and concise as possible - ideally you should buy a domain that is already a few years old - and a server that responds as quickly as possible. Visitors and search engines can't stand websites that build up slowly or are already overloaded with 10 simultaneous visitors.
At the beginning you are faced with a fundamental decision: either you have a domain that corresponds to the most important search term (like: "shopbetreuung" ;-) ) or you have a domain that represents a brand that you want to make known on the market (like: "fishnet services").

Of course, both are possible, e.g. an info page for the brand and a shop for the search term.

Stable database even for a six-digit number of products

The foundation is the database: large, stable enough to carry what is added on top, and of course fast. And correctly set. You build a cellar straight and watertight, not crooked and porous.

Shop system: Fast and clear

The floor plan is the shop system. It shouldn't be so big that you get lost in it, but big enough to accommodate all the important things. And the shop should load as quickly as possible - even with many articles. You don't put the products in a pile of boxes in a storage room on the 12th floor of a high-rise building if you want to sell them.

There are lines running through the building - in a shop, too, in principle. Data is loaded, forwarded and displayed, data entered by the viewer must be forwarded, processed and reacted to quickly. The lines have to be short, fast and stable, and not interfere with each other. This is really something you should not do yourself: neither in a house nor in a shop (unless you are an electrician or programmer).

Shop Templates: Everything is possible.

Now we come to the building and the façade. Your shop or house can be plain and cheap, a terraced house like all the others in the street. But it can also be a villa that attracts all eyes and arouses curiosity. Or anything in between. This is the template (sometimes we say "theme") of your shop: Your shop window. Anything from 0 to 10,000 euros is possible with a template.
Painting the façade - what colour should everything be - is the least of your problems when it comes to the future appearance of your house.

Your products: the most important thing of all is the story around them.

In the end, you'll clean up your house - or even your shop. Attractive, representative, each item individually highlighted, lovingly presented and explained, or everything thrown into the corner: "just look at everything and think about it yourself".

Advertising. With Google Ads, for example.

And then comes the advertising. On the one hand, you will naturally be found better on the Jungfernstieg of the internet and with kurz.de you will probably have more visitors than with ich-bin-ein-lange-domain-und-kann-mich-nicht-entscheiden.info, on the other hand, of course, the owners of real shops also have to advertise: in newspapers, magazines, radio, posters, flyers, Google Ads or banner advertising, everything is possible.

Cheap? Fast? High quality?

Regarding the cost, you may know this:

  • write down the following words: cheap, fast, good quality
  • cross out one of the words.
  • Tell us the other two words and we'll tell you how much it costs and how long it takes.

..." How much does my internet shop cost ?"

Just ask us. It costs: nothing.