FishnetManager 365

Again and again we are asked what is new in our FishnetManager - or what it is for. That's why we have this info page. Here you will find general information as well as notes about the current version.
General information about FishnetManager 365

With FishnetManager 365 you can export CSV files in all directions (therefore 365 - namely 365degrees).  Most price comparisons and also many shopping portals accept CSV files, only each portal has different requirements for the data.

Google, for example, insists that the base price is written "1 l" and not "1 liter"., on the other hand, wants to have the manufacturer in the product name.

But not every store is structured in the same way. Some retailers write "liter", others "liter", the next "L" or "l", some retailers already have the manufacturer in the product name, others do not.

FishnetManager 365 converts the data into the desired format. For example, "kilogram" is automatically recognized and exported to Google as "kg", and also whether the manufacturer is already in the name or not, is recognized and adapted for

After a short adjustment on your part - more about this later - current files are regularly created for the shopping portals.

You only have to tell the shopping portals once under which path the file can be found, then they will fetch it regularly.

New products are automatically recognized by our system and exported according to the set rules. You only have to make a short setting once, when you create new categories.

Otherwise, FishnetManager 365 runs fully automatically in the background, day after day.

Currently we export to:
  • BLVRD,
  • Google Shopping,
  • Shopping24 internet group,
  • Shoptimist
All these exports have been lovingly programmed by hand and are regularly maintained by us. The FishnetManager 365 is therefore always up to date. (Therefore it is also a rental software. By a purchase solution we could not pay the development costs of many thousand euros per year).

The FishnetManagers 365 has many setting options!

The categories of the store must be assigned once to the respective portal. Example Google Shopping: You click on the respective store category in our FishnetManager 365, a window opens with the current Google categories and you select which Google category corresponds to your store category. With a check mark you can apply the setting for all subcategories - or also assign other categories to them.

Furthermore you can think about

- do you also want to export products that have no quantity?
- do you want to export deactivated products?
- Do you have FSK18 products? Do you want to export them as well?
- Do you use Google Analytics? Do you want to track your advertising?
- What is the condition of your products (new, used) ?
- Do you have EAN numbers or do you want to export them as recognition e.g. item numbers ?
- Do you have clothing? In which database field are color, size, gender?

Free customization of your database

We will customize your database for free, if necessary (for example, if you sell fashion but don't have a database field for the color yet).

Only you have to fill the data yourself (or we make you an unbeatable offer :-) ).

Because of the combination possibilities of the different settings, really everything is covered. Example:

"Export all products from all active categories, even those without stock, unless they are disabled or FSK18.
or the product is "test". Do not export any product from the "screws" category.


These features were added in the last versions:


NEW: Separation of EAN and MPN into individual settings with fallback
NEW: Export possibility to (only ladies fashion) integrated (fee required)


NEW: Fallback if VPE is KG or L only and not 1 KG or 1 L


NEW: Recognition of liter, mililiter, gram and kilogram for Google Shopping
NEW: Store line: Automatic addition of the manufacturer in the product title, if not already present


NEW: Up to 3 additional images at
NEW: Up to 10 additional images at Google Shopping


NEW: Help Wiki integrated
NEW: Google Base renamed to Google Shopping
NEW: Export base prices yes/no
NEW: Improved base price recognition


NEW: Add manufacturer name in front of / to product name


NEW: Programming modernized for newer PHP versions (backward compatible)


NEW: UTF8 conversions adapted for PHP > 5.4 and legacy mode for PHP 5.2


BUG: fixed umlaut error on category assignment page


NEW: In the clothing settings it is now possible to enter multiple attributes for the item characteristic size, separated by commas.


NEW: EAN can now also be exported as MPN
Various bug fixes


NEW: For Google Shopping the fields Title, Description, Google Product Category, Product Type and Brand can be filled in globally by hand if the store does not provide the data, for example because the brand was not maintained.
Various bug fixes and adjustments to new Google requirements

NEW: Since 11.01.2019 we require PHP 7.


BUG: When exporting to Google, under certain circumstances, the tag exists was set to FALSE even if a GTIN was available.


NEW: In the configuration you can now switch between http and https. Default is https.


NEW: Fishnet Manager automatically detects base prices and appends them to the product name.


NEW: Now also export to Shoptimist possible.


NEW: Now also export to BLVRD possible.


Several bugfixes for BLVRD and Shoptimist.


NEW: BLVRD now with "Export size from database field".


NEW: Operation now also possible in English


Several bugfixes


Bugfixes in the version management


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Products - Export wherever you want: with Fishnet Manager365

With Fishnet Manager365 you can export your products via CSV file wherever you want.

  • No matter how many products
  • No matter how many categories
  • Almost any platform
  • With attributes or without
  • Multiple rules allow you to export the products you want to export
  • Can be automated


29,99 EUR
plus 19 % VAT
29,99 EUR per Month+Shop

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