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Are you interested in webshop programming? Here comes the short answer:

Webshop programming is as diverse as building a house, and just as building a house doesn't just include walls, the topic of webshops extends much further.

Webshop programming has been our focus since 2002, and since 2008 we have been operating as Fishnet Services.
If you want to program a webshop - or: get programmed - then there are a lot of things to consider.

Here is a short overview:

Programming language
This is almost a question of faith, like the question if you prefer to use Mac or Windows. There are programmers who swear by the very latest languages.
Fine, but we prefer to build on a programming language that really EVERY programmer knows and can do: PHP.
The reason for this, like so many things we do for you, lies in the everyday life of a merchant: You don't have the time and don't feel like looking for a specialist for a certain change.
In case of an emergency (regular programmer not available, moved or deceased - everything already happened!) you need HELP IMMEDIATELY. With a store based on PHP you can turn to any programmer. Because: we do not want to make you dependent on us. We want to convince you of us.

Legal situation
Especially in Germany there are a lot of rules and laws in e-commerce. This starts with the data protection regulation, goes over the packaging law, telemedia law, distance selling law, price indication regulation, copyright and is not bettered by laws for individual retailers, like textile labeling law, battery law and so on.
We are not allowed to advise you on the laws, but we can program the stores so that at least the requirements for the store structure are met. Many "store systems out of the box" do not do that.

Payment methods
Many merchants let sales people talk them into using some kind of payment method for their webshop, then come to their programmer and wave the contract "now install it".
Counter question of the programmer: "and where is the interface?  Is there something ready to install?   Is there any documentation?"
Dealer: (shrugs)
Programmer: calls the sales representative, is connected to the technical department and is confronted with a fit of laughter: "Interface?  No, you have to program that yourself."
The end of the story, the dealer has a contract with a minimum term on his cheek and an offer from the programmer for an interface for about 5000 euros on the table, which of course he can not and does not want to pay.
So: let us advise you, which payment methods are possible for your webshop, BEFORE you let yourself be talked into a contract.

Shipping methods
Again, the topic of interfaces and the question, "Who do I actually want to ship with?"
Answer: it depends. On weight and size, whether you do dropshipping or not, whether you sell alcohol or food or tablecloths, and how many orders you have per day.
We can advise you on this as well.

Merchandise management
Many merchants think they need an inventory management system for their webshop, but after a little discussion they realize that this is not the case at all. The rest may decide between a huge selection on the market.  And here again there is the issue of interfaces for the web store and who should program them.

Psychology of perception
What a standard programmer, that is someone who ONLY programs, cannot know: You can NOT arrange the elements of a store arbitrarily. Build a shopping cart or the link to the checkout to the bottom left - nobody will find it :-)
You noticed that yourself, didn't you?  You expect the shopping cart and the checkout at the top right. One expects the imprint in the footer. However, only since about the year 2016. Before that, customers expected the imprint on the left. But times change and so do customer expectations of how a store should be structured.
In addition, there are images that should direct the eye in a specific direction, background knowledge on how to structure a text, knowledge about manipulation through certain prices, and so on and so forth.
A "normal" webshop programmer will have no idea about this.

With us you get the complete package - or just the part you don't want to do yourself.
  • We install your store
  • and / or set it up,
  • and / or design it,
  • and / or do advertising,
  • and / or make it legally compliant.

For webshop programming we use Shopware or Modified Ecommerce as free basic software, both of which are expandable.

Would you like your store:
  • first cheap, it should first bring in money, before I put some in again
  • immediately very professional and search engine optimized, so I can roll up the market
  • anything in between ?

Every merchant has his own motives and strategies. Let's talk about them.

 You want the long answer? Click here: "How much does an online store cost?"

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