Modified Shop Module eBay Import

With a Modified Shop module in combination with the Ebay Import+Export interface you can do a lot of things.

Import your Ebay ratings into your store. This is great if you are a power seller but just opening your first online store. This way you can benefit from your Ebay ratings from day one. The Ebay Import module always imports the last 5 reviews - of course only the positive ones - and displays one of them randomly. In my opinion, this is the only rating interface over whose data flow you have absolute control, because only your store communicates with, there is no third party through which the data runs. And: only the ratings are sent between Ebay and your server, nothing else.

The Ebay import is therefore also first class in terms of data protection. And: the module is available for free in various forums - if you dare to install it yourself. Otherwise we will do it for you. With or without copyright, you decide.

Export all these Shop+Ebay reviews to Google and let your Google search result light up with yellow review stars. So you push yourself visually to the front, or to have to be on place 1 of the search results. Shopvote makes it possible.

Export your products from the store to Ebay. Simply, by mouse click. And at the same time export your products to Amazon, Rakuten, Yatego, MeinPaket and and and.....
The Magnalister makes it possible. We install it for you.