Information on the moderation and restriction of the customer's content when using web hosting services

In the following, we inform you about the measures we have put in place for moderating and restricting content within the scope of the web hosting services we provide to our contractual partners (hereinafter: customers).

1) The customer's content, for the publication and accessibility of which he makes use of our web hosting services, must not violate any legal regulations or third-party rights.

In particular, content is not permitted

whose publication constitutes a criminal offense or an administrative offense,
which violate the Legal Services Act,
which contain offensive, racist, discriminatory or pornographic statements or disseminate corresponding ideas,
which are harmful to minors or glorify violence
which violate copyright law, trademark law or competition law.
2) Every customer who uses our web hosting services is solely responsible for the content of the published information.

We are not obliged to proactively check the customer's content for legality or compatibility with third-party rights.

Notwithstanding this, we reserve the right to check the permissibility of the customer's content in individual cases at our own instigation and to take measures in accordance with section 5 in the event of any infringements found.

3) Third parties who are users of the content published by the customer have the opportunity to report suspected unlawful content to us using the contact information in the legal notice.
Neither the specific content of the report nor the personal data of the reporting party will be disclosed to customers who have published reported content.

4) In the case of reports and in the context of any reviews carried out on the customer's own initiative within the meaning of section 2, a human content check is always carried out. In individual cases, automated technical verification procedures may also be used.

5) If the inadmissibility of content published by the customer within the meaning of section 1 is established following a report or as part of a review on the customer's own initiative within the meaning of section 2, we are entitled to take one or more of the following measures at our reasonable discretion, even without prior notice or contact:

warning the offending customer
temporary blocking or permanent deletion of the content concerned
temporary or permanent suspension of the contractual obligations, in particular the hosting service
Termination of the contractual relationship (ordinary or extraordinary termination for good cause)

6) When selecting the measures to be taken, we take into account the principles of proportionality and weigh the interests of the customer concerned against ours in the unhindered, trouble-free and integral continuation of our business activities.

The criteria that are taken into account when imposing a measure are

the meaning and significance of the specific content and its potential for infringement or danger
the frequency of publication of unauthorized content by the customer
the ratio of the publication of illegal content by the customer to the customer's other use of services
if recognizable, the intentions pursued by the customer with the publication of unlawful content
if recognizable, the existence and degree of culpability of the publishing customer