Our No-Go Corner!

  • For liability reasons, we only offer the installation of modules by us.
    Please understand that we do not send them by e-mail or offer them as downloads.
  • We do not participate in mail-order companies and do not operate a mail-order business ourselves.
    There are competitors who are proud of the fact that they operate a trade themselves.
    We are proud NOT to operate one, because this is how we maintain our neutrality and credibility.
  • We are happy to refer you to a lawyer, but we ourselves are not allowed to and do not wish to give legal advice.
  • We are happy to provide detailed and recurring telephone support - but as a paid consultancy service,
    not "can you do" free of charge. Because we "only" have our time to sell, not products.
    For us, advice is not a means to sell products, it is our work.
    (But: the initial consultation - "is this shop system right for me at all, how does it all work etc."? - is always free of charge.)
  • We do not provide fixed price quotes for troubleshooting.
    The reason for this is as follows: software is usually more complicated than users imagine.
    We definitely cannot tell you in advance how much time we will need to find your error.
    We therefore only offer troubleshooting by means of a written contract and time-based billing.
  • There are some providers with whom we unfortunately do not have the feeling of "fitting together". You would have to ask them to integrate their modules or interfaces.
    These providers are (in alphabetical order): Dreamrobot, Ekomi, Heidelpay, PayOne, Pixi*, Trustpilot and Wirecard. I see, the latter no longer exist :-)
  • We do not support sites that are in any way racist, inflammatory or defamatory and we reserve the right to refuse any order without explanation or discussion.
  • And last but not least: as a matter of principle we do not comment on other customers / mail order companies, not even on former ones. Please do not even ask.