We work successfully with these companies and can recommend them without reservation:

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Amazon / Ebay: Since 2010 we have been working very successfully with the (partner link) company Magnalister to list your products from the store to various platforms, and to import the orders into the store. 

Archiving emails: it is always a good idea to store the statutory 10-year archive with a provider other than your own mail provider. 
That's why we always like to send our hosting customers to Mars Services for archiving. Legally compliant e-mail archiving at a low price!

Lawyer: with a very good service and very good accessibility, the (partner link) IT Law Firm. Worth mentioning are the fully automatic updates of the general terms and conditions in the background (unless you have to reconfigure something).

Data can be transferred "quickly" in a reasonably secure manner: PrivateBin- for infrequent use, you may also use For everyday use, please install it yourself. Duration for non-professionals: approx. 30 minutes. Professionals: < 5 minutes.

Photos: professional product photos for little money snapped by PRO-ducto GmbH.

Hotline: Nobody likes talking to answering machines. That's why there is Cloudsecretarya telephone and office service with a very good price-performance ratio.

Newsletter: (partner link ) Cleverreach - low-cost provider, easy to use - but big in scope! Free connection to the shop through us.

Writing invoices: If you are a Shopware merchant, we recommend Easybill. You can use it to import orders, write invoices and export tracking information to the store.

Product management : Afterbuy - a product management for everything. From here you list to Ebay, Amazon, Real, in your shop or sell manually or by phone. Including ticket system with connection to your Ebay messages.

An equal alternative is Magnalister - without a ticket system, but with even easier listing on the various platforms, namely directly from your shop.

Telephone (system): Highly recommended - Sipgatethe telephone system from the cloud. The voice quality is good, and the faults are no more frequent than with other telephone companies. The only difference is that all the functions you expect from a telephone system are in the cloud and can therefore be operated via the browser. This means that you can always be reached at the office extension number.

Text writing: (partner link) Nowadays, this can even be automated. This is made possible by the company Neuroflash from Hamburg. Artificial intelligence creates texts from rudimentary notes or completely rewrites existing supplier texts.

Time accounting and writing invoices: Especially for agencies and service providers, we would like to SMOICE especially for agencies and service providers. The effort of invoicing is reduced by 90 %! Recurring invoices, individual services and time recording can be used in parallel. Of course with fully automatic account monitoring, payment reconciliation and dunning run, if desired. Invoices can be sent by e-mail, printed out by the user or sent by post via a third-party provider.