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Google Shopping with xtcmodified?

There is the problem in everyday life:
  • That every now and then something changes in Google Shopping. To the category structure, to the requirements, ....
  • you would have to assign each product individually to the appropriate Google Shopping category.
  • You have to monitor the inventory and report it to Google.
  • There are categories that you want to export and others that you don't want to export.
  • And even within a category that you want to export, there may be products that you don't want to export.
  • And actually you don't want to export deactivated products, except the one, because that will come in next week....
  • and what is with the FSK-18 products actually?

You see already, lots of ifs and buts, and those who can spend the time can spend hours optimizing and exporting their products for Google Shopping. But who does?

We have therefore developed Fishnet Manager365, which (among other things) can also export to Google Shopping. Here you define once
  • which categories should be exported (you can also click: all, and you're done)
  • which category belongs to which Google Shopping category?
  • Do you want to export subcategories as well?  - click - done for all subcategories ;-)
  • export deactivated products?   
  • export products without stock?
  • Export FSK products?
  • Are there still single products, to which all above mentioned rules apply, but which nevertheless should NOT be exported?

- bang, done. It won't take you longer than 10 minutes. And the best thing is:
  • You don't have to enter the data again. If you deactivate a product or it is no longer in stock, the corresponding rule takes effect.
  • New products are automatically recognized
  • You only have to assign newly created categories once.

Otherwise the rule is: Set and forget. In everyday life, you never have to do anything to it again.

Google changes the requirements? It doesn't matter to you. We reprogram the interface.

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Google Shopping Module Standard Version

Price includes installation only, not setup. There are additional costs per click from the Google company.

82,50 EUR
plus 19 % VAT

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