When it comes to Facebook, there are very frequent misunderstandings among mail order companies.

"I want to sell on Facebook", "I want 10,000 Facebook fans", "I want to be found via Facebook", these are common statements we hear.

The answer is NO. You don't want that at all. What are you going to do with those 10,000 Facebook fans? They will never buy from you. The hype around Facebook stores is also long gone. All the big providers who used to have Facebook stores have closed them again because they realized that hardly anyone buys from Facebook. And: Facebook is not a search engine. Let Google find you.

"So what's Facebook good for anymore?"'

For communication. Facebook is for engaging in conversation with customers. You offer an incentive - a new product, a how-to video for the do-it-yourselfer, a puzzle, some neat anecdotes from the company's daily life - and Facebook fans respond. Discussions ensue. There is often criticism or requests for improvement. You have to respond to this and show the customers: "I read your posts, I think about them and I react."

In this way, you can convince customers of your service. The shorter the service path, the more customers feel connected to the company. If I have a choice between getting a response on Facebook after a few minutes and receiving a harsh text module as a response from another company after three weeks, I'd rather go to the former provider.

Yes: Facebook is exhausting.
Yes: Facebook is time-consuming.
No: you can't really measure how many euros of revenue you get for the money you put in.
But: Facebook can be worthwhile. You just have to want it.