We are Fishnet.

Customer advice and support:(+49) (0)40 - 25 41 33 69-0

We will also be happy to call you back at your preferred time, provided it falls within our working hours :)

Karsten Geyer - Hamburg-based customer support, management consultancy, marketing and hosting since 2008.
Worked in the mail order business himself before that. 
Main focus: General Consulting, Dispatching, SEO, hosting, Magnalister, Wordpress
Available by phone Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri from 9am to 5pm CE(S)T

Nicole Balhas-Elsholz - Customer Support with a "Berlin Schnauze"
Does the early shift: often at her desk from 05:30h. With Fishnet Services since 2014.
Dog fanatic. If you ever want to talk about your dog...
Focuses on: Google Ads Strategist, Bing Ads, SEO, Afterbuy, eBay, Amazon, Accounting
Available Mon-Thu from 7am to 2pm CE(S)TT
elephone appointments by arrangement (nbe ÄT fishnet-services PUNKT com)




If you are a customer and would like to hear us stuttering in English on the phone, free to call us:

(but to be honest we prefer mails)

Tel:(+49) (0)40 - 25 41 33 69-0

Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri from 9am to 5pm CE(S)T

Outside our business hours, our 24/7 emergency service answers the phone.

Our helpers in the background:

Dennis, software development, had been developing our "Fishnet Shop" since April 2018,
now our man for modified e-commerce upgrades, development and the MMLC system.
Prefers to listen to hard rock through his headphones while working.

Hans-Peter, has been working on modified e-commerce and JTL solutions for Fishnet Services since 2017, when he's not rebuilding something at home.

Nils, software development, has been working for Fishnet Services since November 2018. Can do both Modified and Shopware 5 and 6.
Specialist for cookies and URLs, as well as filters. And for volleyball.

André, with us since January 2021, Quality Manager but still popular in the team :-) Specialist for Shopware 6, PHP and for guitar and piano. To compensate for work, he sings in the church choir.

Alexander, with us since July 2021 as a modified developer and since February 2022 also responsible for Shopware 6.

Rainer, has many years of SEO experience and is now with us since March 2023.


What does "foreground" and "background" mean ?

A few years ago we decided to strictly separate our team into "With Support" and "Without Support". This way, our programmers, for example, can concentrate on their work without being disturbed.
Did you know?
Every time you make a phone call, you need 15 minutes afterwards to get back into a flow of work. 15 minutes ! Now imagine if a programmer got 10 calls a day.... Exactly and that's the reason why we are divided into "frontend" and "backend" :-)

Reliable weekend:

We used to have quite a few cases where traders wanted to update their shop on their own on Friday afternoon and we then had to rescue them on the weekend. At some point, this became so frequent that we had to pull the emergency brake:
Since then, we have had the right to a reliable weekend. That means we don't take the programmers out of their free time for self-inflicted misery.
(Of course, we also take care of the functioning of our own servers on the weekends)
We therefore implore you to refrain from any experiments from Friday noon onwards. We do the same: as a rule, we don't programme anything on live shops after Friday noon.