Modules for Modified eCommerce

I have the confidence to install them on my own. Can't you just send me the modules?

Short answer: No.
The detailed answer can be found here.

Do I get the source codes / instructions / a list of the changed files together with the installation ?
You get a list of the changed files on request. Additionally, we either rename all original files instead of overwriting them, so that you can always find everything quite easily, or we work right away on Github, where you can see all changes. With a diff program (e.g. WinMerge) you can quickly see the difference between the old and the new file. But we also comment all changes in detail in the source code with name and date. If in doubt, always search for "Fishnet" :-)
Installation instructions are not available. For some modules there are no official instructions at all, for others we deviate individually for each shop. We can't create individual instructions for everyone.

Will you install the modules in all templates? Do you integrate themodules in all languages ?
On request yes, with surcharge, by default no.

Why should I pay for the development of new modules - it's all GPL ?
GPL means free software - in the sense of freedom, not in the sense of free beer. It means the freedom to do more or less what you want with it. If you download a free Modified Shop or Shopware Shop today, there are many functions built in that were financed by another mail order company at some point.
GPL is therefore a give and take. Everybody puts something up, and everybody gets something out of it. The software is developed further free of charge, in the free time of the programmers, only new functions are (sometimes) financed by traders. Because even the programmers cannot live entirely on love and air.

By the way: Open Office, Thunderbird, Wordpress, KeePass, Filezilla and many many other programmes that you can download for free from the internet work in the same way. All of them are sponsored by several companies so that you can download them for free.

So we urge you - don't wait until someone else is "dumb enough" to fund the module you want or program it for free. Support the GPL community and consider it a donation.

If another merchant uses a module I funded, do I get a commission ?
Counter question: if you use a Modified Shop or a Shopware Shop, do you pay commission to the dozens of merchants behind the development ?

Can I get sole ownership of a module programmed for me ?
Yes no. We understand where this question is going. Let's put it this way, we can deliver a script to you and then delete it here and not deliver it to anyone else. However, the surcharge for this would be massive, because normally we cannot live from a one-time programming, but always hope that we can sell the script a few times. Apart from that, this does not correspond to the GPL idea. Our opinion.

Can I resell a script?
Yes, of course. As soon as we have built in a script, you can collect the data, download everything and publish it for free or for a fee within the framework of the GPL licence. But of course you provide the support, not us.
If you are interested in this topic: we also offer our services to resellers. Contact us and simply act as a shop supervisor yourself. We will work inconspicuously for you in the background.


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