Interfaces for Modified eCommerce

If the shop system of your online shop is Modified E-Commerce and you would now like to add individual interfaces, you will find suitable offers here, from installation to complete support. Especially the interfaces to Amazon and Google will make your work easier.

Interfaces for Modified eCommerce shops build bridges

Interfaces are needed for the exchange of data between software systems. A common case is the wish of shop operators to connect their merchandise management with the online shop by means of a suitable software. To achieve this, both programs must be able to exchange data. And this is exactly where interface solutions come into play. In principle, they function like bridges. They enable the programs to exchange information with each other. Benefit from more efficient work processes and numerous new possibilities! You can now easily integrate the map from Google Maps into your contact form, compress product images directly during upload in article creation and much more.

No matter whether you use

  • merchandise management or financial accounting,
  • legal texts or
  • payment systems (Amazon Payments,, Billpay, Billsafe, Paymorrow),
  • import and export data from Google to the shop and vice versa, or
  • import eBay ratings into your web shop and
  • export data to Fulfillment, etc.

- we are guaranteed to have the right solution!

Our team has been providing an all-round service for your online shop or mail order business since 2008. Our services range from webshop programming, design solutions and marketing to shop support and administration. We create shops based on Modified E-Commerce or Shopware exactly according to your ideas, program, build interfaces, take care of your Google Ads marketing, offer you competent advice and much more.