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XTC Modified Templates rather be created individually

XTC Modified Templates are now available like sand on the beach as inexpensive ready-made templates. This is easy on the wallet, but creates the not to be underestimated factor that the store looks like hundreds of other stores. Customers are now also aware of this. Especially German end users recognize a cheap template - or, to put it badly: a "template out of the can" immediately.

So if you provide your XTC Modified Shop with such a ready-made template, you are saving at the wrong end. Then you should rather do without a few great modules or just not yet purchase an inventory management system, and not yet start any great advertising campaigns. Because even a large stream of visitors brings you nothing if the people are deterred by the template and do not buy anything.

So: individual, modern, responsive templates - that's not witchcraft anymore. Talk to us, an xtc modified template is not as expensive as you might think. Below you can find some sample prices, but it's best to get an individual quote.

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Shoptemplate changes 1: change colours only

We leave the structure as it is and change the colours, the header and the buttons.

This way you can make a professional impression even with a small budget! Ideal for start-ups!

160,00 EUR
plus 19 % VAT

Individual template for Wordpress - Your individual website

Blog system? That was yesterday!
Wordpress has grown up - we'll build you a great homepage with it.
And show you how to work with it.

Included in the price: responsive design - adapts to smartphones and tablets!

Special price 458,10 EUR
plus 19 % VAT

Show 1 to 11 (of in total 11 services)