What SEO may cost

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a time-consuming job.
  1. You have to analyze who your customers are, what makes them tick and what they are interested in.
  2. Then you have to optimize the store for exactly these customers and improve the new German "customer experience" (alternatively "customer journey") for these customers.
  3. Then programming errors in your store have to be searched for and removed and all images have to be optimized to make the store faster.
  4. All texts should be linguistically revised so that they are grammatically and orthographically correct, but also captivate the customer and convince him of the product.
  5. You also need to add meta data everywhere so that search  engines understand what it is all about.
  6. And now you have to see how this has changed your ranking on Google, analyze and understand this change and react to it.

So: a lot of work. That's why you can definitely do search engine optimization full time. And these are then the SEO agencies that call amounts beyond 5000 euros per month (a well-known online shoe retailer, for example, has several full-time employees who only take care of SEOʼ).

Here we close the gap between what you should do (full time) and what you can afford.

I.e. we do search engine optimization only a few hours a week, but that over many months, and thus we make the store a little better every month.

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Comprehensive technical and content-related search engine optimisation of your shop

Analysts, copywriters and computer scientists together spend at least 8 hours a month on technical and content-related improvements to your shop.
For: all shop systems.

from 546,00 EUR
plus 19 % VAT
546,00 EUR per Month+Shop

SEO analysis: these are your competitors

from 139,00 EUR
plus 19 % VAT
139,00 EUR per Company

Landing page manager for visitors coming from Google

For shop system: Modified Ecommerce

from texting individual landing pages to the complete installation of the popular landing page manager, which conjures up search engine optimised landing pages in no time at all!

Special price 395,91 EUR
plus 19 % VAT

Show 1 to 9 (of in total 9 services)