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Modified - create your store easily and quickly

Do you dream of building your own online business and finally being financially independent? Then you should definitely get to know the modified e-commerce store software!
With this free open-source solution, you can create your own online store in no time, without spending a single penny!
With Modified you can create your store in just a few minutes. Modified is the easiest and fastest way to create your own store. With this store software you can manage everything: Products, orders, customers, payments and more.

Stability, security, and ease of use are key features of the modified e-commerce store software. These are just some of the reasons why this software is the perfect choice for budding online entrepreneurs like you.

Modified why?

  • Free: No hidden costs, no annoying setup fees - the modified store software is absolutely free! You save a lot of money that you can invest in your business instead.
  • Lightning fast installation: Forget about complicated installation steps! With this store software, you'll be up and running in minutes. Just upload, run the installer and you're ready to showcase your products to the world!
  • Control your data: Your data is yours - always! With this store system you keep full control over your valuable information. You can keep it safe on your own hosting package or server and never have to worry about data breaches.
  • A piece of cake: no technical skills required! Even if you've never created an online store before, you'll find this store software a breeze to use. The intuitive user interface allows you to set up your store just the way you want it - without any headaches!
  • Unlimited possibilities: Freedom without end! Thanks to the open source core of the store software, you can give free rein to your creativity. Design your store the way you've always dreamed of. There are no limits to what you can achieve!
  •  Data protection compliant according to DSGVO & BDSG: you don't have to worry about lawyers warning you off!

But that's not all! The modified e-commerce store software offers many more great features that will blow your mind. It is 100% responsive and optimized for use on mobile devices. Whether your customers are shopping from their smartphone, tablet or laptop - your store will always be displayed perfectly.


Create your store with modified: easy and intuitive!

Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of modern templates and modules to give your store that certain something. From professional design to additional features - everything is possible!
So, what are you waiting for? The free modified e-commerce download is just waiting for you to use it! Download the installer now and start a new chapter of your success! Within minutes, you can bring your own online store to life and start on the road to financial freedom.
But wait, what if you need professional support? Don't worry, there's a solution for that too! We, as an experienced team, are ready to help you every step of the way on your road to success. From small adjustments to a complete redesign of your store according to your individual wishes and corporate identity - we have the expertise to make your vision a reality.

Are you ready to put your plans into action? Then let's get started together! Download the free store software and discover the endless possibilities that this outstanding store software offers you. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, an established business or a creative freethinker, with modified you can make your dreams come true.

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Modified: The key to your own online store

Creating your own online store has never been easier. Use the power of store software to make your products and services available to a worldwide audience. Be there when the doors to your success are opened and you take the online market by storm.
Create your own online store with ease, intuition and without financial hurdles. The modified e-commerce store software is ready to make your dreams come true. Don't be put off by expensive solutions - choose the freedom that free store software gives you. Your success story is waiting to be written. Get ready for the journey of a lifetime and join the growing community of enthusiastic online entrepreneurs.
Simple, intuitive, free - that's modified. Take the first step and create your own online store today!

Extension Modified E-Commerce - Make your store as individual as your customers!

Adapt your modified e-commerce store to your needs! With us you get ready-made modules / scripts to extend your modified E-Commerce Shopsoftware online store. Including consulting and installation! We are also happy to build you various interfaces for data processing and exchange, which will make your work and life easier. Please ask or use our search.

Discover interfaces to Afterbuy and Google. Finally connect your ERP or financial accounting, legal texts or payment systems (Amazon Payments, Barzahlen.de, Billpay, Billsafe, Paymorrow). Import and export data, e.g. from Google to your store and back. Or as a Powerseller, who is now opening a store, display Ebay ratings directly in your web store.

In the category of ready-made store modules you can choose from a variety of scripts as a basis for the expansion of your store. Choose between registration and login, countries and languages, statistics and analysis, export and import, filter and search, coupons and vouchers and many more.