We look after your webshop

What is full-service shop support?

Our shop support is a full service. We implement your ideas from the set-up to the completion of your online shop. We look after your webshop. We adapt your online shop so that you remain as flexible as the market. Our focus is on the shop software Shopware 6 (Shopware 5 is also welcome) and Modified E-Commerce.

Get support in all areas - from A like analysis to Z like additional functions. Backups, data transfer, security issues, updates, shop moves, modules and 24/7 emergency support are just some of our offers. Tell us what you need and we'll take care of it. An email is enough. If you don't need anything, you don't pay anything. Fair, isn't it?

Emergency help

Our emergency services can save you from corporate damage in the event of an emergency. Former employees can pose a major security threat to companies. If an employee of your company has not left amicably, you should act quickly. All data must be changed and the admin deleted. In addition, changes to the database password, FTP password, etc. must be made. And this is best done immediately. For this and other needs, we offer you inexpensive packages for booking.

Do you need support with Google Ads, SEO, content maintenance, article creation, newsletter, blog & Co? No problem, we do that too! Treat yourself to webshop help from Fishnet Services and relieve yourself and your employees so that you have time for the essentials. Let us make you an offer tailored to your needs right away.

Our team has been providing an all-round service for your online shop or mail order business since 2008. Our services range from webshop programming, design solutions and marketing to shop support and administration. We create shops based on Modified E-Commerce or Shopware exactly according to your ideas, programme, build interfaces, take over your Google Ads marketing, offer you competent advice and much more.