The ModifiedModuleLoaderClient for Modified

What is the MMLC?

You can think of the ModifiedModuleLoaderClient, or MMLC for short, a bit like the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

It is a free interface through which you can install modules yourself. Some modules are free, others have to be paid for. Some modules are installed with 1 click, others may require 1 or 2 lines of code customisation in the template.
You don't need to be a programmer for the latter, but at least have technical interest and the knowledge of what an FTP program and an editor are.

Advantages of the MMLC


  • Save time and money - you install your module yourself, saving time (because you don't have to wait for a developer) and money. If the module costs money, it is because the development of such modules takes a lot of time, so you are supporting further development.
  • Free updates: If there are module updates, they will land on your MMLC interface for free, you just have to click on "update". You can also update the MMLC itself.
  • Simple adding and removing: You can install or uninstall many modules with one click.

Take 10 minutes!

You can find the installation instructions, an explanatory video and the download hereInstall the MMLC without any obligation and have a look at it.
A list of all existing MMLC modules can be found here. can be found here.

We invite all programmers from the Modified E-Commerce scene to join us!
You can find the MMLC on Github here and the documentation here. Programmers can find a video tutorial on how to program modules for the MMLC here. Additionally you find a German/English Community Discord Server here.

For the MMLC you need at least Modified E-Commerce version and PHP 7.2, you can use all functions with Modified E-Commerce version or higher.

Here is a screenshot of the interface:

Modified Module Loader Client