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Set up a new shop and make it operational

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Products description

Installation of your own internet shop on a suitable server of your choice.

What information is required?

  • Domain on which your shop is to be installed (including sub-directories, if applicable)
  • FTP access data (FTP domain, FTP user name, FTP password)
  • Database access data (database domain/directory, database name, database user, database password)
  • Your desired access data to the shop (admin email and password)

Optional: With configuration

  • Entering the sender email addresses that the shop should use
  • Activate and set up your desired payment and shipping methods
  • Setting up the countries to which sales should be possible
  • Activate the mandatory fields that a customer must fill in when logging in
  • Register your sitemap with Google
  • Set up customer groups, if desired
    (Example: Only resellers are allowed to see category X, minors are not allowed to see product Y,
    regular customers get a 10% discount, public service is allowed to buy on account, ....)
  • Entry of imprint, terms and conditions, cancellation policy, if necessary: battery ordinance;
  • if you move from an old shop, we take over all content texts from there
  • Setting the e-mail texts and signatures sent by the shop
  • Setting the desired minimum and maximum values
  • Setting the desired stock management options
  • Setting the shop to search engine friendly URL's

It goes without saying, but we mention it anyway: legal texts are not included.

The offer does not include design changes, but a very nice free template. If you would like a new shop, complete with design, please click here.


Software used: Modified ecommerce. An online manual ("Wiki") can be foundhere.

Here you can find a demo shop, you can log in and walk through the admin, change the shop as you like, etc.
The database is reset every hour and your changes are deleted.


TIPThe installation is free of charge if you choose a webhosting package!