Login with Google in modified ecommerce

Login with Google in modified ecommerce

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"Login with Google" is an authentication feature that allows users to sign in to a website or mobile app with their Google account instead of creating a new account or registering with a username and password.

If a website or app offers "Login with Google," users can access the website or app with their existing Google account. When a user clicks the "Login with Google" button, they are taken to a Google page where they are prompted to sign in with their Google credentials. If the user is successfully logged in, they will be redirected back to the original website or app and automatically logged in.

"Login with Google" is typically a quick and easy way for users to sign in to websites or apps without having to create a new account or remember a different password. It's also more secure than creating multiple usernames and passwords, as users are less likely to use the same password on different websites.

Of course, we ask for permission before loading the "Login with Google" button, as data is subsequently transferred to the USA. You will need to take care of customizing the privacy policy and clarifying any legal issues regarding this yourself.