Module trade, and why we don't do any

Modules for Modified E-Commerce including installation.

We do not offer the scripts available here (popularly known as modules) for download, but only directly for installation(*). You only need to book the corresponding "module" and we will install it in your shop(*).

You do not buy the script from us, but the installation (attempt) of the script(*).

You receive all "modules" including installation(*) at a fixed price.
This means that either the script works, or we make slight adjustments to your shop so that it works (or, in the worst case - happens extremely rarely - we remove it again and refund your money).

Secure shop support from a professional.

The satisfaction of our customers and the security of their shops is our top priority.

Every shop is unique, there are different software versions and in many a shop changes have already been made.
All this means that the ready-made scripts we offer do not work immediately in every shop, very often small changes have to be made during installation.
In addition, the instructions for installation are often too much for an information technology layman and errors during installation can lead to the destruction of the shop. We recommend that you create a new FTP account for us, inform us of this and delete it again after the work has been completed.
By the way, we also require FTP access from agencies. Here, too, we do not give out the scripts for self-installation.

On request: extra secure programming with correction loops.

This is not often requested, but we offer it for an extra charge:

  • we create a copy of your shop ("sandbox")
  • we build the script or the individual programming into your shop
  • You test everything
  • If everything is ok, we copy the changes into your live system.

Shop reprogrammed? Hints welcome :-)

By the way: it is an enormous help for us if you contact us before booking and tell us
what kind of shop system you have and what other additional functions have already been installed by other service providers.
Then we know in advance what we might have to reprogram for you.

(*) = New: the MMLC: win-win situation for merchants and programmers.

Exception to the above information: we are offering more and more modules also in the MMLC as well. This means that you can install your desired module yourself via an interface - with little or no knowledge.
And, very important: via the MMLC you receive updates of the module as soon as they are available! These are included in the price. This only applies to MMLC modules!
You pay less than if we were to install it, and we programmers have more time to develop new ideas :-)