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Convert images to WebP for Shopware 6

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With this plugin you can convert your existing PNG, GIF or JPG images in your media management into the WebP format. Of course, you retain the original images. If a customer has a browser that is too old, the original image is automatically loaded again - so please do not delete it!

Experience the impressive performance of our plugin, which effortlessly converts your images into the efficient WebP format and revolutionises image compression. You can forgo third-party tools and seamlessly save your converted images while preserving the originals. If a visitor's browser is not WebP-compatible, the original image is automatically displayed - without any additional effort.

To use the full potential of the plugin for all visual elements of your shop, you need PHP support for GD images on your server. If this is not the case, we offer you the possibility to convert images automatically via our server for a small monthly fee.  If your server supports GD images, contact your hoster for more information.

Important to note: Using the "picture" markup requires nginx and is of great importance to users. We recommend you consult your hoster for more information.

In June we have exciting new features to announce. The functionality in the "Media" section has been completely removed and replaced by the "WebP Queue". This page allows administrators to access a comprehensive list of images waiting to be converted. Once the conversion is successfully completed, the status is set to "Done" and administrators can change the status to convert the image again if needed. Images that remain unprocessed during the cronjob are automatically skipped.

Additionally, administrators can add images to the conversion queue on the WebP Queue page. The media library opens with a simple click and allows a quick and easy selection of images to be added to the queue. You can be sure that our conversion process locks the images and prevents accidental deletion from the queue during the conversion process. Say "goodbye" to timeouts and errors that usually come with extensions.

Our extension not only provides an optional feature to automate the conversion of new images to WebP, but also a facilitated way to clear and optimise the cache after processing a certain batch size. This option can be flexibly disabled if your server is heavily loaded due to a large image library.

You have full control over the number of images to be converted on each cronjob run, as you can easily configure the value. The default settings are set to 10 images and the cronjob is started every minute to allow conversion of 10 images per minute. We use the 'slow action' approach to ensure Shopware generates thumbnails every time a conversion is made.

Experience the efficiency and optimisation our extension offers and strengthen your web presence with outstanding image compression and seamless WebP conversion. Convince yourself of the advantages our extension offers you.

For this plugin, your server must provide PHP support for GD images. If it can't, we offer you an API key that allows you to create your images via our server for a small monthly fee. 
If, contrary to expectations, you need an API key from us, this will cost you 3.99 per month (plus VAT, can be cancelled monthly at the end of the month).

Through WebP:
your photos and graphics become smaller (i.e. the file, not in height times width)
your shop will load faster and
appreciated by customers
loved by Google :-)

The log file is located in /var/log/fishn_webp_convert_*.log.

What is WebP - Answer in Wikipedia
Risks and side effects: This module does not work with Cloudflare protection activated.