Online with the store. And with us.

You already run a retail store?  That's good, but now it's time for the next step: go online!
You can 

  • put only your bestsellers or novelties online
  • or equal the whole assortment
  • In the store, on Amazon, Ebay, or even all at the same time. 
  • place a QR code in your window dressing. Curious people photograph it and load it on the offer of the week in your online store.
  • Customers can order online and pick up in store. 
  • Customers can order in-store and return online. Or vice versa. 

Together we will find out what is the best way in your case.

By the way: 

Many online retailers are now also going "offline", i.e. opening retail stores.  As you can see, the trend is going in both directions. Both are important.

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