Ongoing search engine optimisation for Shopware, fully automatic

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Save time and money with our search engine optimisation!

Normally, search engine optimisation is a lot of manual work. Many traders are faced with the dilemma: no money for an agency - but also no time to take care of it themselves.

We have a solution!

We have programmed a plugin that randomly fills the two most important SEO fields, namely Meta-Title and Meta-Description, such as "Buy product name cheap!". This is executed daily and fills all products that are still empty. So you don't need to worry about this when creating your products - Meta Title and Meta Description will always be filled.

You have the option of overwriting already filled fields with each run or skipping them and only filling empty fields.
The former makes sense if your merchandise management system constantly uploads empty rubbish. But the latter should be the rule: let the tool fill only empty fields, then you can (if you feel like it and have time) change existing texts without them being overwritten again.

This is the "better than nothing" version - of course we recommend a professional linguistic-technical search engineprofessional linguistic-technical search engine optimisation instead.

Try our search engine optimisation and see for yourself how useful it is!