Abbildung unsers SEO-Moduls für Modified eCommerce Shops zur Erstellung von Landingpages
Landing page manager for visitors coming from Google
Landing page manager for visitors coming from Google
Landing page manager for visitors coming from Google
Landing page manager for visitors coming from Google
Landing page manager for visitors coming from Google
Landing page manager for visitors coming from Google

Landing page manager for visitors coming from Google

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Create search engine optimized theme pages for Modified Shop -with just a few clicks



  1. Tips for former T10 customers
  2. How does the landing page manager work?
  3. Procedure
  4. Example video YouTube
  5. Changes since the takeover of T10

Note: The T10 landing page manager has moved from T10 to Fishnet Services in 2019!

Info for former T10 customers

Fishnet Services does not send modules as a matter of principle. We only install them and can therefore guarantee the function. But: our price including installation is the same as the former T10 price without installation!

For this we need

  • An acceptance of our contract for order processing according to DSGVO (is simply enabled in the checkout here in the shop)
  • your FTP data
  • your trust.

We know that the latter is a lot to ask, but we have been doing this job since 2008 - and always to the satisfaction of "our" dealers. Tip: create an FTP account for us and delete it afterward.

2. How does the landing page manager work?

Put together products and categories freely with just a few mouse clicks, add content to them and save them as landing pages under a freely selectable URL

Google prefers pages that match the customer search exactly:
customer search = URL of the landing page = meta title = content!

You can now click together these landing pages, the products themselves will not be changed

Typical areas of use for the landing page manager:

  • Cost reduction through increased relevance on Ads landing pages
  • Compilation of thematically related products from different categories (example)
  • Additional unique content in general (example)
  • Display keyword variations without having to copy products.
  • Landing pages tailored to search behavior: Bringing products into the Google index using synonyms: Rollator becomes walker, for example, or "emerald 8 piece thuja" becomes "buy emerald thuja cheap."
  • Self-maintaining SEO landing pages - create it once, never worry about it again (example).

3. Procedure:

  • Add keywords
  • Create landing page for the keyword
  • Select a tag (this is a URL prefix). By default, you have the tags info, products, offers, bargains. Means the landing page is e.g. "".
  • Add products (by category or by search) or set it to "automatically find products".
  • Manipulate the display of the product title or short description (e.g. add keyword to the beginning or end of the product name, or replace words)
  • Enter Meta Title and Meta Description
  • Enter SEO texts (1x above the products, 1x below the products)
  • optional: add category(ies) and possibly category descriptions
  • show in sitemap (or, for very short campaigns or as newsletter landing page: noindex instead)


For advanced users: The T10 landing page manager can be equipped with your own templates, i.e. you can use CSS to give the landing pages a Christmas theme, for example.
By default, however, the landing page manager uses the existing template for the product listing in the shop.

For an extra charge, we can gladly take on all the work, from finding and creating the keywords, to creating the landing page, to the design. Ask us for an offer.

4. Example video:

Here you can find a detailed description of how to use the Landingpage Manager

5. changes:

New versions released by Fishnet Services and their changes:

June 2019 - Version 1.2.0
In the area "Dynamic product mapping" there is now a field "Forbidden words" matching the field "Search terms". This allows you to create landing pages that contain word1 but not word2.

June 2019 - Version 1.2.1
The colors that can be assigned to the landing pages are now more pastel, so that it is easier to read the landing page name and the number of products.

June 2019 - Version 1.3.0
The landing pages can now be separated by language if desired. This means that you can choose between "German", "English" and "International".
With "International", the landing page manager behaves as before, i.e. you can call up the landing page in German and English.
With German, the landing page is only displayed in the shop with German language selection, with English selection only with English language selection.

The same applies to the TAG cloud "Popular search queries" on the shop start page.

June 2019 - Version 1.3.1
The link rel tags in the source code have been adapted to multilingualism.

August 2019 - Version 1.3.2

Bug fixes

May 2020 - Version 1.3.3

Restrict products on landing page to products of a specific manufacturer
Restrict products on landing page to products with price from - to Euro.

June 2020 - Version 1.3.4

With the last version, the part "forbidden words" was accidentally lost; added again

June 2020 - Version 1.3.5
Input fields in tags are now wider and better readable.
Checkbox: If meta data empty, then insert the meta tags from the shop configuration: yes/no

April 2021 - Version 1.3.6.
Bugfix in the area "Add meta tags from shop configuration"
Bugfix: Under certain circumstances, some of the landing pages that consisted of several sub-pages could not be called up.
In "Search products" you can now also search for article numbers

June 2021 - Version 1.3.7.

November 2021 - Version 1.3.8
New: We have finally abolished the license check, the help texts are now maintained in our wiki.
New: On the configuration page, you can now also enter a meta title for the taglisting page (taglisting.php) for German and English.

March 2022 - Version 1.3.9
New: The dynamic pages now also search the "additional search terms" in the products on request.
New: In addition, the landing page manager is now also PHP8-capable, provided the PHP 8 version has been ordered.

June 2022 - Version 1.3.10
Fixed a bug that prevented meta robots commands ("meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow, noodp") from being set for content pages.

December 2022 - Version 1.4.0

Different meta titles possible if there are several subpages
Different meta descriptions possible if there are several subpages
Different texts for several subpages possible
Extension of the search and replace function of products to categories
If a landing page subpage is called up that no longer exists, e.g. ?page=3, then it is automatically redirected to the page before it, e.g. ?page=2

January 2023 - Version 1.5

You can now also make notes to the landing pages.
The LPM now supports PHP 8.1, but is backward compatible with PHP 7.4.
In the "Prefix / Suffix" section, the name "Free text" confused some customers - changed to "Item name".
Bugfix: under certain circumstances categories were displayed between products. 
Search and Replace had been extended to every single subpage of an LP - this did not meet with approval, therefore withdrawn.

February 2023 - Version 1.5.1
Bugfix, existing landing page had status 404 under some circumstances

June 2023 - Version 1.5.2
Bugfix, when copying a landingpage you could not change the name in the same step.
New: You can now add a tag per language within a LPM page.

August 2023 - Version 1.5.3
Add filter for manufacturer in product listing on tag page.

October 2023 - Version 1.5.4
Don't show manufacturer filter if there's only 1 manufacturer on listing.

November 2023 - Version 1.5.5
Update module for modified
Fix alternate / canonical links for different languages in the shop.
Various fixes and code optimization for PHP 8.2.

June 2024 - Version 1.5.6
Update module for modified 3.0.2.
Configuration to find Landing pages in autocomplete search / search results page. Individual landing pages can be excluded from the search by activating the "Do not show in tag cloud" function.

June 2024 - Version 1.5.7
Bugfix, google search preview wrong URL.

Note for Modified 2.x shops, this module is not "updateable".

Note for the module "Trigger sitemap fully automatically",
if you use this module, please let us know, we will have to extend it for you so that it also works with the LPM. You will find the price for this here as "variant 2".

If you would like to receive updates in the future, you will receive these at cost price of 55 euros per version jump.

Our promise:
If you have the latest version and are the first to report a bug, you will get the update to the next version for free.
The same applies if you manage to convince us of new features. 
And: all our SEO customers using Modified E-Commerce Shops always get all updates for free.

You can find instructions in our WIKI, click here.