Abbildung eines Beispielshops mit individuellem Modified eCommerce Template: Individuelle Struktur und Änderungen

Shoptemplate changes 6: Individual structure and changes

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We'll highlight in yellow here what your additional benefit is compared withShoptemplate changes 5is:

We change

  • colours, logo, header, possibly structures in the product detail view,
  • make the shop wideror even to the full screen width,
  • and add, for example, new functions and more boxes on the start page,
  • immerse the shop in completely different colours and backgrounds,
  • run a video or, for example, the manufacturer's logos across the page
  • and add a filter to the product listing.

Home page, product listing and product details are completely changed.
You want to display net and gross prices at the same time? Will do.
Professional landing pages for search engine optimisation? We can do that.
The new products should always be at the top? No problem.
You want customers to be able to filter by colour or size? We'll do it.
You want to plug in your merchandise management system? We'll be happy to take a look at that.
You want to transfer all payment and shipping methods from your old shop? We'll do that.

This way you have an individual and professional shop with great new functions for little money!

This is just an example, contact us for an individual offer - tell us which shops you like.tell us which shops you like and we will tell you what something like this costs.